Monday, November 16, 2009

tree hopping - a hospital

tree hopping is another one of those fun bands from florida (like previously mentioned forest clay and totally nebular, so i'm imagining if you like both of those, you will probably like this as well). i can't really think of any other words to describe this album as anything other than "so dang cute". it's got some strings. it's got some sticks. it's got some other fun noises thrown in there and it makes you want to lay on your floor all day as the sun shines through your window hitting your face just the right way. the myspace has all of the albums to download, but here's this one anyway, just 'cause. most of these songs are 1 to 2 minutes long, but it's perfect anyway. personally my favorite song is "k hospital" but i can't think of a song you would skip on this record. take a long drive, hug a kitten, clean your room! this album will make you dance in your chair.
overall: fun/10

pretend - bones in the soil, rust in the oil

this album is up there with my favorite albums of 2009, so far. if you're into the whole twinkly-guitar sound, you should definitely check this out. when i listen to them i can't stop thinking about american football (or maybe penpal, marquette, etc) for some reason. they have that soft sound, but their songs still seem powerful and emotional, not to mention long, but still not boring. Those Luminous Noises Are God is probably one of the best songs i've heard in a while. especially around 2:03, oh my gooooodness, and then the vocals kick in and the little chimes and it makes me want to melt. rumor has it they cover "honestly" by american football, and i would be so stoked to get my hands on a recording of that, or make it out to california to see it. i guess this is the only release they put out so far, but i could only imagine they're going to put out even radder things in the future.
overall: 9/10