Thursday, February 25, 2010

Stop it!! - self made maps

i think you might need to re tag this as 'stop it!!' not 'stop it !!' (the space, ken?). i forgot to do it before i zipped and uploaded it. anyway!

"... I think where Stop It!! really score is that there isn't really any other band out of the 'scene' they inhabit that sounds that much like them, which helps them stand out."

too true andy m.! this is such a good album that managed to slip under the radar of some people. members of stop it!! came from city of caterpillar and municipal waste, and then went on to form/join brainworms, cloak/dagger, pink razors and more. pretty good group of people then, eh? this record is pretty moody - but not in a CoC way, more like mixing fugazi with rodan or something and still managing to be epic (but only 1 song over 5 minutes). anyway, raspy vocals are pretty prominent here - someone give this guy a throat soother! some of the best sounding drums too - frantic! in fact, everything is thick as hell sound wise. it hardly ever gets muddy; everything sounds natural - the drums resonant and the guitars rugged but never gloopy. bass it tight! i don't know who mixed this record but it sounds HUGE. its got some major guts, man. packs a punch! super solid. there ain't a bad track on this either. most of it should get you fist pumping and slowly rocking back and forth, ya know. remove yr teeth is defo one of my faves - it starts with the shouting " many people in this room have had their wisdom teeth removed? i had them. can't fathom what it's like to be told the truth. and the captains abandoned ship. can you believe it. NO! they had to. NO! it wont do. NO!" and yr all like YES! nodding yr head and then it kicks back into a spoken word piece about writers and drinking and then he's all like "I'M NOT LYING!" and yr like NOOOOOO! and you just wanna wriggle on the floor screaming. S.S. betrayel is pretty epic too. the track i've always kept going back to since this record came out though, is the last - beethoven's funeral. the line about saying goodbye and not forgetting toothbrushes... man, so good! but yeah, in the last few months i've really got back into this record and i think that's because there's ain't many bands doing stuff like this anymore. perhaps a little strange it sounds more refreshing now than when it was released but there you go. this is easily one of the best records of the last 10 years when it comes to 'this' type of stuff. this record - backed hard. please buy it.

buy ($4.99 for the cd - lovely cardboard packing with a 12-page booklet)
listen to the whole album on

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