Thursday, December 24, 2009

ethel meserve - the milton abandonment

"Ethel Meserve was the name of a store on Allen Street in downtown State College, PA run by a woman of the same name. She ran the store for several decades selling various knick-knacks, home furnishings, lamps, candles etc. In the early to mid-90's, shortly after the band formed, she stopped running it herself when she became too old to manage her business. The store finally closed in the late 90's while the lady was close to a 100 years old, and the band itself found its end in 1998. Ethel Meserve = name of store = name of woman = name of band."

i remember i bought this cd pretty blindly from tree records (one of the best labels ever?). GOOD CHOICE. this band have done a handful of 7"s (yadin's hair is probably my favourite thing they've done), appeared on some comps too (post marked stamps), but this is kinda 'the' release. lincoln, hoover, boys life, drive like jehu, slint, native nod, june of 44, fugazi, 90s emo. - if you like this, get this. in fact, yeah, if i had to compare this record to another it would be departures and landfalls by boys life. it has the same tone/feeling. some quiet\loud moments. those total punch the air THIS FEELS GOOD moments too. the whole record starts and end with some cello. neat, huh. unfortunately tree records went bust a while ago. ken was getting rid of stock cheaply through the webstore for a while and then ebay, but now i have no idea where you'd pick this up. pretty essential though.


also, if anyone has rips of the 7"s please let me know. thanks!


  1. this really good, thanks for introducing me to this band

  2. "spelling the names" discography includes 7" tracks