Friday, May 28, 2010

aden - hey 19

so, don't get "aden" confused with that shitty band "aiden". they are absolutely nothing alike. aden was formed at the university of chicago in 1995. they are a cutesy folk/indie band. they aren't incredibly well known, though i think more bands need to sound like this. this album the perfect thing to listen to while riding your bike or sitting out by the pool or walking along the beach. again, a summer album. they also have these little electronic parts in their songs. the third song "country bar in the city" has this cute part at 1:21. the more i listen to it, the more i can totally tell that it's a chicago band. i really like the song "(rock me now) rockulator". their tunes are playful and will make you bob your head to the rhythm. the lyrics are witty and smart and this is the type of album that you would want to have on vinyl, it would spin so well (but i have yet to find it!). anyway, roll yr windows down and tap yr foot and enjoy the summer!


  1. you should probably post more often. :)

  2. A very "sunny" sound indeed! haha