Saturday, December 4, 2010

sig transit gloria - discography

this is sig transit gloria. definitely my favorite band right now. these guys grew up in my neck of the woods, actually. not too far from where i grew up. they were around in the 90s (duh, why else would i put them on here?) but they have recently been playing a few shows here or here. unfortunately i haven't been able to see them since they've been playing together recently, so i can't really say how they are now, but back when these albums were released, gosh did they rock. very keyboard driven, emo pop, i guess. not too different from the get up kids, or the anniversary. i guess they broke up because they knew each other since they were in elementary school and they were gettin' sick of each other.
anyway, these two albums are two of my favorites. the ep is probably the best, but i found that the more and more i listen to the self-titled, the more i prefer it over the ep. the ep opens up with "wide open window", which absolutely rules. actually, every song on that ep rules. pretty much every song on the self-titled rules too. all i can say is listen to the ep loads, then once you feel like you've heard those a billion times, switch over to the self-titled and have it blow yr mind.
lastly, if you're in chicago on new year's eve, they're playing a 21 and up show at reggies with the smoking popes. it's like, 30 bucks, but it'll be a good time.


  1. It's catchy, but damn, that autotune almost ruins it for me.

  2. Listen to "Hello"

    Turns out that one's an anomaly, thankfully. It was one of the first tracks I heard, so I thought the rest would be like that.

  3. i'm pretty sure that's just what his voice sounds like.

  4. Hmm. that one part, though: "just you and me and no one eyeyeyeyeyeyelse"? How can anyone can make that sound with their voice naturally?

  5. the link is down but i've already found some songs to donwload in their band camp, thanks for sharing all theses awesome bands.